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Better Solutions

If there is one thing we take more seriously than any other it is the end result of our actions.

We know that everyone has the ability to effect change, and we believe that if we do our small part to make sure that nothing goes to waste then we are effecting the greatest change of all.

There is no doubt that we cannot continue to fill landfills and pollute the environment at record levels.  The problem is that we are in a continually evolving world, and when things change products and equipment must as well.  So how do we balance the need for newer and better with the need to pollute less.

Our Solution

Use it -- it may be a simple concept but the fact of the matter is people in third worlds and developing countries do not have access to what we in America find as well trash.

We utilize marketing domestically and internationally for all of our equipment that has resale value.  For anything that does not we environmentally recycle it. Categorizing it into multiple types and sorting for shredding, smelting, and green disposal.

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